Detail is in the eye of the buyer

Hi guys, welcome to the world of That Girl Indy, where I will be discussing and sharing all things to do with fashion. I might drop the occasional travel and foodie post, but fashion is my first love.

I think now is the perfect time to admit that I’m addicted to buying clothes and learning and revising what the latest trends are. I think my sister influenced this addiction a long time ago…

I do like to have a browse on online fashion websites on a daily basis, even if I’m not going to buy anything, I think it is just a habit now. In the past people have asked me, ‘ but what are you looking for? Do you need to buy anything?’ The truth is, I’m just sitting there waiting for something to grab my attention. Detail is what I am after. For an example, when I’m out shopping, the detail of a dress or skirt has to grab my attention, otherwise I’m not that interested. I then plan my outfit in my head, does it go with anything in my wardrobe? Is it still worth buying? Of course it is! * I’ll find something else in here to go with it*. I’m joking, if it doesn’t go with anything in my wardrobe or if I can’t actually find anything new, it remains lifeless on the retailers rails.

This Autumn I’m loving this tweed wrap-front pelmet skirt.

Tweed pelmet skirt

This skirt ticks so many boxes for me: It is tweed, a wrap-front skirt with suedette piping and an eyelet on the hip which keeps it within that 70’s style that I can’t part with. I like how this skirt can be worn on a crisp autumnal weekend and yet you can still make it work for those smart-casual days.

Tartan Skirt

Also, this tartan skirt always seems to slip back into my fall wardrobe. I’m a sucker for tartan and I’m a firm believer that tartan should always have a guaranteed place in my A/W wardrobe, it can be so effortless and so chic at the same time and it’s such a cosy autumnal style. I like the cut of this skirt especially because it’s meant to look like a kilt with the detailed buckle fastening on the sides. I can’t help but feel it’s a little Alexander McQueen inspired, maybe that’s why it keeps drawing me back?

Sometimes formulating your Autumn/Winter wardrobe can be a struggle and you don’t have a clue where to start, because there is so much choice out there. My advice would be to look at the details of the clothing, does it tick more than one box for you? If it does, then it must be a versatile item and you’ve probably found yourself an item that you will re-wear for the next few years, that won’t be shoved to the back and unknown darkness of your wardrobe. I think detail can just come from wearing a hat, a coat or a bag, that can be enough to make a statement. That could be the detail you are searching for to complete your outfit. Detail means different things to different people when they’re shopping. But, if you don’t experiment with items, take risks or cringe at what you wore in 2010, then  you won’t ever figure out what detail, what style you want or what works for you. Detail is always in the eye of the buyer.

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