Prague Fashion and Travel Journey- Part 1

Last Friday I took a trip to Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, a city that showcases many cultural and historically magical attractions including, the Charles Bridge (which overlooks the Vltava river and is home to many traders), the astronomical clock and the Old Town Square. I’m not sure if the stag do’s in Prague are as beautiful…


Taking a trip to Europe in the autumn/ winter time, is so exciting as it gives me that break in between the end of summer and Christmas, reminding me that winter doesn’t have to be a gloomy time where I need to hibernate for four months. it’s a time to travel, explore and experiment with different fashion looks and cultures.

After finding my 10kg hand luggage bag- this 10kg luggage allowance rule was definitely created by a man! I then checked the Prague weather on my phone- it would be sunny yet cool. I then started to compile outfits for my four days in the magical red roof topped city they call Prague.

Some outfits required wearing my Timberlands, a different coat, or my knee high boots. It was a fashion-mare! I desperately wanted to have different looks for each day I would be travelling Prague. Time was pressing on and push came to shove and unfortunately the Timberlands and knee high boots had to be dropped.

I’ve learnt that it’s so important to be comfortable when travelling. Especially around a city like Prague, which is quite steep and a place where you have to travel on foot to truly experience all of it’s beauty and culture, often from the highest points of the city. I decided to take my Chelsea boots that are quite roomy at the front and even my Vivienne Westwood boots made the cut- the ones I think I will never part with.FullSizeRender-3

For the first day exploring Prague, I wore my poet blouse with crochet inserts on the sleeves, A-line suede skirt (you’ll soon realise that I’m most comfortable in a skirt) and Chelsea boots. I then decided to add my Max Mara inspired camel boyfriend coat and duffle bag to tone this quite girly and romanticism look down. Yet, I wanted to have this “I just threw these items together quickly” kind of look. Did I achieve this? Maybe. Poet blouses have a bad habit of creasing very quickly, so you may find wearing them with a coat hides this annoying problem. For this particular look I opted to wear a light shade of purple lipstick to add colour and to brighten my face and to create a softer look for the autumnal season.


You will soon realise that my authentic Scottish tartan scarf never left my side in Prague… it just added effortlessness to any outfit, so it had a right to stay really.


I wanted to create outfits that could be taken from day to night as you just don’t know when you’re going to end up going for a classy Cosmo or Czech beer in Wenceslas Square or the Jewish Quarter. It was a difficult task that I only managed to achieve a couple of times on this trip. But hey, fashion is all about making errors, learning and trying something else.

Prague is an amazing city to travel with all it of it’s history and the architecture that makes you feel like you’re Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Autumn is a wonderful time to visit this top European city, as thousands of burnt red and yellow leaves grace the cobbled streets and with the sun shining down on your face in the crisp air, it’s the perfect background to take photos and create memories.


The food in Prague is very cheap and I felt like I ate so many carbs at every meal, but you definitely need it for all the walking you do. But when you’re in Prague, relax and worry about the diet later.

The street food in Prague is delicious, you just have to try it at least once, especially the chicken wraps! At the street stalls, everything is cooked in front of you. It is perfect if you are (like me) running late for a boat cruise along the river, rushing over Charles bridge or need a light snack for your steep walk up to the castle or to the palace.

The Czechs and I are obsessed with the authentic Trdelnik , which is a soft dough that is rolled onto a stick and heated upon coals before being filled with Nutella. Perfect comfort food.


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