Prague Fashion and Travel Journey- Part 2

This afternoon’s grey sky and torrential rain in England has me thinking about how magical, historical and educational last Saturday in Prague was. With the blue skies, the peeking sun and the falling of the autumnal leaves on our side, we decided to embark on an adventure across the infamous Charles Bridge.  There seemed to be a long path of  never-ending mahogany uneven and cobbled pavement, but it soon enough lead us to the palace and onto the castle. We later stopped for a chilled Czech beer before excitedly exclaiming to have ‘found God” in the  St. Vitus Cathedral.


Did I find God? I don’t think so. But the Cathedral has got to be one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I have ever set foot in . The idea of getting dressed up every Sunday to go to this breath-taking Cathedral with stained glassed windows had my mind racing with outfits and different looks I would just love to create! Visiting the St Vitus Cathedral is a must when visiting Prague, just to appreciate the art, architecture and history that has gone into one of Prague’s most historical monuments.


There are so many places to stop for a refreshing cold Czech beer when you are hiking up to the most ancient and largest castle in the world- the walk is tough, get your cardio up before hitting Prague! The beers in the Czech Republic are often buy-one-get-one-free, so it’s totally worth it and a vital part of the Czech experience! The walk up to the castle hands you so many opportunities to take scenic photographs and selfie opportunities!  The Czechs know that us Brits are one to complain at the slightest sign or blow of cold air, so they kindly provide thick blankets on the chairs outside for those unwelcoming cold afternoons where you wish to gaze and get lost into “the city of a hundred spires”. FullSizeRender-10IMG_6469

If  like myself  you enjoy learning about history, a visit to the Castle provides extraordinary oil paintings from the 16-18th century such as the Titan’s. The golden crown above the castle gates is just fabulous, and it would be amazing if it could be replicated into a headboard for my bed!

For a beautiful overlook of the city, head up to Nebozizek restaurant located on Petrin Hill, which boasts beautiful surroundings of trees, statues and woodland and serves hearty chicken.


If you go up late afternoon you can can also watch the sunset, just make sure you have a good camera to capture the moments as there is not much lighting when walking up and down Petrin Hill.


A/W knitwear can appear quite dull, and we may have such little sun in our lives during this time, so now is the time to inject some sparkle with your knitwear by wearing metallics, chainmail or glitter. I decided to wear my black and gold chainmail top on Saturday, which added a bit of glam and an update to my Prague wardrobe. I teamed this top with a pair of black skinny jeans, a green bomber jacket and my Vivienne Westwood boots for a more tamed glam look.


Next time I will try tucking this top into my jeans with some knee-high boots, or perhaps wear it with a leather skirt to experiment with different textures, that can be taken from day to night without hassle.

I think a bomber jacket is a great investment for this A/W, as it has the power to make so many outfits (like this one pictured) look effortless when we feel that an outfit may look over- dressed or too much. Bomber jackets can be worn to toughen up the ‘girly’ skirt, top and boots look and make outfits look current.

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