All That Glitters Is Not Gold

It’s officially the season to sparkle! Like the past two years, I thought it would be so easy to find something glittery for the christmas period. Boy am I wrong! I always seem to forget the hardship I’ve faced in the past whilst trying to find an outfit that’s a perfect fit, classy and glitters.

This is the only time of the year where it seems acceptable to wear some sparkle. But this year I’ve truly struggled to find anything that fits this sparkly bill, I don’t think any stores or online retailers seem to have any glitter outfits that look current or revamped from previous years.Why must every glitter covered outfit be a body con fit as well? I don’t have time nor the effort to even attempt dieting to try and squeeze my way into a body con.

Would you agree girls?

I’ve been told that I’m just being too picky and fussy about my sparkly outfits. But the truth is, I think I’m just being a smart shopper. We have to be! Christmas is expensive girl! We’re not going to settle for anything.

Glitter outfits need to serve more than one occasion for me and you’re all probably aware of how I love outfits that can be taken from day to night. Fashion has enabled us to take evening wear such as glitter tops and dresses into daylight to be remixed with the likes of denim, trainers and suede for a fashion forward outlook to wear glitter this season.

I love glitter during winter. It’s a reminder that the cold doesn’t require us to wear dark colours and that we have to adopt a bland fashion sense, it adds a dash of happiness to our outfits. Surprisingly, I don’t own many glitter garments. A lot of it isn’t futuristic enough for me. Tops always seem to be a simple round neck top that stays in stock all year round, with just a sprinkling of glitter. I want something that looks like it came freshly pressed out of Space, something original.


This Topshop glitter cropped jumper with shoulder pads, always comes back during winter. It’s my safety glitter net, when all else fails I go to this jumper. I think because it’s black with a contrast of  glitter colours in the squares it can easily merge with other clothing, especially a-line skirts, colours and different styles of jackets. It’s also an easily transferable day to night option, especially if you plan to have a Cosmo or two.


I bought this cropped glitter t-shirt a few years back from Topshop. I don’t know why. I never wear t-shirts in the winter. But I was after some glitter to see the new year in, and in a mad panic of what to wear I settled for it, bought it and wore it. I think if I teamed this with a dark bomber jacket maybe with some embroidary on it and jeans it would be enough sparkle for a few festive drinks and nibbles whilst having that cool laid back look.

Recently, I found this blue jumper in H&M, the material wasn’t great and priced at £7.99 I did have my doubts. But as curious as I am, I tried it on anyway and I do love the colour but it just isn’t that real injection of sparkle that I’m soughing for. It’s true what they say, all that glitters is not gold.


My advice for you this sparkly season, is don’t just settle for any form of glitter this winter, because you’re probably like me and won’t be wearing it until December 1st next year.I think  glitter jumpers or dresses are our best options when seeking magical inspired clothing,so that we can mix it with white shirts or skinny jeans to get the most wear out of it before January. It also will help tone down your daytime glitter glam.

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