The 70s Show

1970s fashion seems to have successfully proven this year to me that it should be given a fast pass to 2016 and continue to dominate the fashion world with suede, disco and fringing. Or am i just to stubborn to let it go? The 70s was a time that the mini skirt, military styles and ponchos were introduced – what an era for fashion eh?!

I believe it was a time of symbolic dressing, just look at how it has influenced people’s fashion today!

I think 2015 was the first year that I really appreciated 70s styles and realised it there was a lot of trends during this time that have come back. Styles that I swear by and love. I’m talking about the classic a-line, ponchos and floaty blouses.

But this time around with the 70s trend, I decided to invest in the ultra 70s tan suede skirt that unfortunately did not see much of the UK’s sun and simply stayed on standby in my closet. Then there was the  black corduroy skirt which even to this day is an item I still have my doubts  about, but maybe I’ve not found the perfect top to accompany it. I wanted something that screamed more 1970s yet not hippie and which could be worn in cooler times.


This grey D-ring  wrap-front dress from Missguided was exactly what I needed. It can be worn for a night out if you really wanted to and for the day. I like to wear a dark polo neck or simple black or striped top underneath to keep it looking current yet smart… well kind of.

IMG_2095_Fotor     IMG_2096_Fotor

It ticks the 70s trend for me because it is a fitted V-neck tunic dress with a simple touch of the D-ring belt across the middle to subtly remind us it’s a modern version of doing the 70s style.

I decided to team this up with a classic polo neck which is an all time favourite wardrobe staple of mine and I wanted to keep the 70s trend truly alive by wearing my Topshop knee high boots to complete the look. You could also team this up with a mac to keep it within the 70s guidelines and emit that classy sassy diva in you. I opted to team it with my checked Topshop mac, I like the look to be kept clean and sleek.


This is a look that is good for those smart casual days or for those more classy events that allow you to wear some jewellery, dark make-up to take it from day to night quite swiftly.

The 70s style seems to cater something for everyone, don’t you think?





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