Five Favourite Looks Of 2015

As the end of 2015 draws near, I have started to reflect on my 2015 fashion moments via my blog and Instagram, looking at what I bought, how much I spent and asking myself whether I actually changed and tweaked my style?

I think I’ve tried to become more refined with my looks and I try to give a more polished look… well sometimes, it won’t happen over night. I have now become a full time lover and supporter of white clothes, well maybe I’m a little bit obsessed with the colour. There’s just something so clean cut and elegant about wearing white and light pastel colours. They go so well with other clothes and can make outfits look much more mature and sleek.


This playsuit was the beginning of my pastel infatuation, the simple V-cut and comfortable fit with three quarter sleeves made it look current, a little Carrie Bradshaw inspired for spring yet tough by using the military style. It can be teamed up with so many different patterns and textures as well which enables girls to have creative freedom to run wild with styling it. My friend Lydia bought the playsuit in white and did a futuristic makeover on it by teaming it with a fur bag and holographic heels which worked so well because the style is quite formal and perfect for nights out and formal evenings, that it won’t look tacky by adding different patterns with it. I decided to stick with the white accessories with the pastel blush tone for a classy evening in Manchester.  I will definitely be re-wearing this playsuit next spring, could it be a wardrobe staple for years to come?


This white dress with an obi belt, just stuck out to me on ASOS because it was a simple white dress but the belt just made it look different to other shift dresses, yet young and classy. It could be a wardrobe choice if Elton John ever invites me to his white tie and tiara party! It’s also a perfect match for my Vivienne Westwood necklace which requires a lot of plain clothing to stand out.


It always seems difficult to make summer clothes look ultra stylish and we wear the same sorts of styles summer after summer. So before I jetted off to Cuba this summer I picked these embroidered shorts from, ( yes you guessed right) Topshop. But I knew I wanted to wear something different with it besides a camie or bralet top. So I searched for a white top that had a ‘hole effect’ to it ( that’s  exactly what I said to myself in my head). I found this knitted tank top from Topshop and decided this was the boho summer outfit I was desperate to achieve. This outfit will be making a return next summer as well, I love the different textures and how it sort of matches but sort of clashes at the same time.

On my trip to London this summer I decided on a very preppy look for the top part of my body, by wearing my dainty tulip shirt with a bow tie and my beloved Vivienne Westwood necklace just to add a dash of classic British fashion for my visit to the capital. I decided to keep it fresh and (at that time of year it was on fleek) to wear an A-line suede skirt but I decided to take an alternative spin on this girly look and wore my clumpy sling back white shoes. I will be taking this shirt forward into 2016 for spring days in the office. The style is perfect for weekends away or for fresh updates to the work wardrobe.


Finally for my fifth and final favourite look for 2015, I have decided on my metallic jumper and green bomber jacket look that was featured in the Prague fashion and travel journal blog posts in November. Metallics don’t have to be just for Christmas and NYE, you can simply use them to add a dash of sparkle to your daytime wardrobe without looking like a walking christmas tree,  simply use them as layering options. I like that this jumper made such a simple outfit look new and original without (in my opinion) looking tacky. I will continue to wear this throughout January and February, the awkward months where fashion seems to be wafting around very thinly in the clouds and we don’t really have a clue on what we should or want to wear.


This is just a snippet of a few of my favourite outfits. But my favourite moments of my personal style this year has been stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new colours such as pastels which I haven’t truly experimented with until 2015. I have tried to put an Indy Fierce spin on everything to make it my own but I am now a firm believer of the power of pastels. I have also slowly but surely started to learn to shop less and remix my wardrobe more and not be afraid to try something different. You won’t know what works and what doesn’t unless you try it or try again with something else. Like Aaliyah once said, ” if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.” I take that lyric quite literally with my styles nowadays because  fashion is meant to be fun and comfortable and an expression of art. Enjoy, cringe or laugh at every fashion moment you had this year.

I wish you all a very happy and fashion inspired new year! See you in 2016!






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