Savvy Sale Shopping



‘New year, new me.’ Give over, it’s all about new year, new clothes!

Before Christmas started, I just knew my email inbox was going to be flooded with sale promotions from various retail stores. Some of  which I like and others who I had no idea even had my email?!

I’m not going to sit here and lie and say that I hate sales because truth be told I do wait for sales. I was constantly refreshing my webpage over the Christmas period to see if the sales had hit. Once in a blue moon I’m not disappointed. Last year’s sales disappointed me but I don’t think I put that much effort into soughting out garments to take me into this spring.

But if you’re a bit stuck and need to know where to start with formulating your spring wardrobe with a few key pieces from the sale, then look no further fashion addicts. I’m going to give you a few ideas to think about which might see your fashionable 2016 off to a flying start.

The key to sale shopping, is not to just buy it because it’s cheap, or looking at how much it was before and thinking, “oo it was pricey before, it must be worth it”. No. You need to look for styles that will reload your closet for the next few months. Don’t waste your time buying styles you know you won’t wear and don’t waste your closet space.


Spring style 2016 is all about trying different prints such as animal and stripes. The victorian era is not going back to the 19th century anytime soon, invest in the victorian collar. This has become one of my recent office favourite looks to wear. Think pink, yes it’s time to go all Clueless but I’ll be giving you tips soon on how to tame it down and make it work for normal day to day wear. Hold your horses…don’t start throwing or giving charity your suede pieces just yet. Remember when I said that the 70s style needed a fast pass to 2016? Well they have firmly secured a place. Suede mixed with fringing will be taking over fashion in a hippie sense this spring, just in time for all the festivals and taking the stress out of festival fashion.


Check out all your favourite retail stores now, I’m quite certain that they are all starting to get some of these styles in that I have shared with you. But don’t fret yet, I will soon enough be posting some new blog posts that will outline how I am werking these styles. Starting a new fashion season is so exciting isn’t it,especially at the beginning of the year?!