Read Between The Lines

IMG_2633Before last year, I never understood what was so simple and chic about stripes. To me, it was always the same boring two tone panel, that added 10 pounds extra on to me like a camera. Plus, I was much more of a floral fiend. But as time ticks on and I get a year older, I am still desperately trying to nail that simple and effortless look like I stepped off a YSL runway. Stripes are easy and never go out of style and can instantly add some flavour to a minimal look.

Stripes are making a comeback this spring. But not in the form I was hoping for, so maybe March will have some surprises in store for me. I find it difficult to find stripes that flatter my body shape or can just add that extra bit more to a simple style. Recently, I find myself leaning towards the stripe style for days in the office but I’m struggling to find ways to wear it outside this corporate world.


IMG_8322This Topshop shirt is a current and modern way to do stripes and this is the sort of stripe styles I would like to see more of. It’s perfect for girls like myself who don’t have a huge appreciation for big blocked stripes and want to see a modern take on it. I want to see striped clothing to be more creative like this, which gives a young, current vibe and isn’t too in your face.

I think the key to making this top more current is by teaming it with a bomber jacket, rolled up sleeves and my Marc Jacobs watch, which adds the touch of style and, but keeps in line with the 80s style that I love. It’s a simple look perfect for a day of shopping… for more striped clothing.

FullSizeRender-9    FullSizeRender-11    FullSizeRender-10

I recently bought this black and white striped skirt because I loved that the skirt was split into panels and the stripes are both vertical and horizontal. With the stripes being vertical along the pockets, it makes you appear slimmer as opposed to wider which is hard to find with striped garments.

FullSizeRender-6        FullSizeRender-7
Now pinstripes used to make me cringe and they just seemed way too old for me, but I have really fallen in love with pinstripes this year! I like this navy pinstripe scallop skirt because it ticks two style boxes:stripes and scallop. It’s different from other striped skirts on the market too. I have teamed this skirt with a simple white high neck top to contrast with the shortness of the skirt and to give it that high fashion feel. This will be a firm favourite of mine to wear on sunny spring days and I will definitely be on the lookout for some thick rimmed white or lilac cat eyed sunglasses to achieve that 60s style.


FullSizeRender-3         FullSizeRender-12

The trick may be for you to buy stripes like I do, in small doses. By that I mean, buying separate clothing like a top, jumper or culottes. And read between the lines by looking for stripe styles that have more character and are merged with different patterns and textures such as snakeskin or leather, to add a current spring look to your capsule spring 2016 wardrobe.  I am certainly on the lookout for more interesting interpretations of stripes and ways to feel young and cool when I wear them. If I manage to achieve this, I’ll be sure to tell you!





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