Sunset Hues

It was only last month that I was contemplating buying a yellow midi skirt with an obi belt from Topshop for £45. The price of the skirt was making me question when I would wear the skirt besides just one night out. By the time I was certain of wanting to buy the skirt, it was sold out… everywhere! Since then I became fixated on buying a yellow midi skirt.

Yellow isn’t really a colour I wear, because I worry that some of the shades of yellow won’t compliment my skin colour in the right way, but mustard and honey yellows are starting to become a favourite and seem to work well with my skin tone. I just need to source where I can find some trendy garms in these hues?


I was fortunate to find this yellow midi A-line split obi belt skirt about two weeks ago… panic over! I wore this skirt yesterday on a night out with a cropped wrap front black crop top. As I am only 5’4, unfortunatly there wasn’t much of a gap between the top and skirt, as I would have liked there to have been, but that couldn’t be helped.

The skirt made me feel quite sophisticated teamed with some simple black courts and clutch bag. Red lipstick often goes very well with yellow clothing but as you know, red lipstick isn’t my go to colour, so I decided to go for a light brown lipstick that has a tint of purple to it from MAC. Initially I was worried about what shade of lipstick to wear with such a bold colour, but after much debate, I decided to stick with what I know works for me and that is wearing light shades of brown.

Come spring, we will be seeing more varied hues of yellow and cinnamon oranges. Isn’t it nice to see yellow having a comeback this spring? Take advantage of experimenting with different types of yellow clothing this year and see what suits you, I know many people who instantly disregard the idea of wearing yellow but honestly this colour is all about finding the right shade for you and I’m sure you’ll love it as much as me soon enough!


There is something about the colour yellow that has got me excited for summer and takes me back to sandy beach times and watching sunsets on holiday. I will be re-wearing this skirt on my summer holiday, but I want to try and tone it down for the daytime with maybe some black flat sandals, a saddle bag and some sort of bardot top for a more laid back boho look.

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