Spring Clean: What To Invest In Now

Saturdays are for shopping, fact.

As you attempt to get ready to go shopping I bet some of you are sifting through your wardrobe right now and you just don’t have those staple items you always promise to splurge on. I know girl, I do it too!

We often think that buying more clothes ( ones that we don’t need) will give us more satisfaction, but often that satisfaction lasts a few days, maybe a week or so if you’re lucky.

So hold on… ladies do your spring clean first. Revise your wardrobe items and select what you are re-wearing this Spring so you don’t buy a similar item and learn to fall in love with old clothes again! Often we are faced with many pressures to have something new and be on fleek, but it doesn’t have to be like that, we need to look closer to home ( literally) and see what we already have in that wardrobe of opportunity.

Now it is time to invest in a few staple items that you don’t already have and styles that will allow you to remix them with a variety of clothes and accessories.


My top five fashions to buy this spring are:

  • Culottes: They are versatile and teamed up with a simple cami or with a v- cut crop top can be worn to many occasions and it can look quite minimal as well. I can’t help but feel as if this fashion comes in fashion one day and then it’s suddenly gone, not to be seen for years later? But invest in a pair of culottes (or a few) and often you can find a cheap pair on many fashion sites such as ASOS and high street stores such as River Island.
  • The striped shirt: Cue this Springs striped shirt style- washed out powder blue and white striped shirt, it’s just a simple yet captivating look and for a really cool spring look, opt for an oversized style which will see you through to autumn teamed up with a camel coat. Wear it unbuttoned with denim shorts in the summer.
  • Cold shoulder vibes: This style just adds a bit of glam to an outfit and you don’t need to over do it on accessories and makeup for the cold shoulder style, it speaks volumes when worn in a plain way. I would team this top with a black skirt, ripped jeans or to channel a festival look I would team it with some embroidered shorts.
  • Cross body: This black cross body bag with the metal ring detail is perfect for making an outfit more feminine, more current and it can make an outfit look a little bit vintage! Cross body bags are no longer considered the ‘mum look’, they add serious style points! I know, we would all love the Chloe Faye Dupe bag, but the high street will have to do for now!
  • Think Pink: The colour pink can be a difficult colour to pull off as we fear it looks childish, makes us look washed out and WAY too girly. However, rose tones, pastel pinks and mauve pinks can add some serious colour pop to your spring wardrobe without being too much. You will be surprised at how well it goes with all those nude lipsticks you stocked up on at MAC! If pinks really not your colour go for patterned tops with small amounts of pink in them, to guide you through the season.

Now it’s time to take on the high street this Saturday…

Let me know what your spring essentials are this year! I’ll be sharing more blog images and posts about these styles within the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled here! Please leave a comment and follow my Instagram account for more updates- @indyfierce