Coachella Vibes

I’m sure many of you have been scrolling through your Instagram feed over the weekend very jealous of all the Coachella festival pictures cropping up, I know I have.

But this got me thinking about how we can incorporate a bit of Coachella inspiration to our  wardrobes this April whilst living in cooler weather conditions in comparison to Colorado Desert.

Sometimes us girls can get really hung up on the idea of having to have a completely  different look than usual when we head out to a festival, but I honestly don’t think this should be the case. This IS the season to start playing around with your festival looks and seeing how it can be mixed into your normal wardrobe. It’s time to inject some Coachella spice to your style!

img_5887I’m still in love with this Missguided kimono two years on because I like how it’s oversized yet doesn’t make me look big in the wrong places. This is a perfect chilled glam look and by that I mean the ripped jeans, backpack and fringed black sandals tone down the dramatic print of the  kimono and this is a good outfit choice for those sunny days that you wish you were at Coachella but unfortunately you just have to make do with the local park. This look could also be teamed up with a small neutral coloured or black floppy hat just for added festival points, if not a kimono is just the right dose of festival chic that you need to make your Coachella inspired look pop!

Occasionally I get the urge to wear my high waisted denim shorts but I do fear it can appear to be too much at times, so to give the shorts a more grown up feel I would team it with an oversized shirt with a cross body bag and some chunky sandals which just modernises the look and suddenly the style comes across effortless. I believe this is a look that will never date for future Springs to come.

img_5880_fotor  img_5882_fotor

Channel your inner Coachella fashionista by investing in some key pieces like a selection of thin necklaces, an oversized shirt and a good pair of shades to create a Coachella boho style similar to the queen of boho chic, Sienna Miller.

P.s. have you checked out the H&M Loves Coachella range? I’ll be sharing some pieces I bought from there very soon so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

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