Yes, fringe is definitely a must have for Summer 2016. Now, don’t panic just yet because I’m talking about soft fringing not western style fringing which I might add, is a difficult style to pull off!

But choppy edges are remaining a fashion must have for this season, refer to Ralph Lauren’s NYFW Spring 2016 show if you don’t believe me.



I chose this TopShop black fringed jumper a few months ago now because it’s a trendy version of the classic turtleneck and I like the hole-punch effect it has along the top. This jumper is perfect for those times you have to dress up but you just want to wear a black slimming pullover and look effortlessly classy. Short fringing like this, adds a few inches of glamour to quite a plain top and yet it is just enough that it doesn’t require any jewellery. This top would be perfect teamed up with a cream pencil skirt, or like I have done, just added a suede skirt to make the look less formal and more polished.


The thing that I love about fringing is the way that it can give you so many different looks. By designers adding a few inches of threaded fringing to tops, dress hemlines, bags or shoes, it gives a bit of character and bounce to your outfits. You can pull off quite a bohemian look or tribal look with fringing and it can instantly make quite a girly outfit appear bolder and more creative.



I picked this top up from New Look last year for my getaway to Cuba. The fringing made it different to other white camisoles on the market and because I just LOVE the high waisted look, it enabled me to mix and match my style so I wore it with a pair of scalloped yellow shorts. Fringed tops like this are perfect for festivals as you can have that instant hippie cool look if you team it with a minimalist pair of shorts or skirt and you won’t look too feminine for a festival instead you’ll look 70s ready! Search for styles that are off the shoulder with pom poms or tassels for a glamorous take on the style.


Or you could opt to swing into Summer with tasseled shoes like my River Island black peep toe sandals or a simple tasseled bag which could add the x factor to your daytime outfit this season. Just be careful not to go too OTT with fringing as it can be borderline ‘costume’.


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