Dressed to the max

Summer styling can be somewhat to difficult to achieve, well occasionally. If you’re looking for something that will give you the fabulous factor and something that will add summer style points, invest in a maxi dress and you’ll never look back.

When I was 14 years old, I remember reading in a magazine that the maxi dress was something that suited every woman, regardless of shape and size. This is something I believed to be untrue, I always wanted to prove this statement wrong because I was adamant that a Maxi wouldn’t suit me, the length will drown me, the look is too sophisticated. However, the magazine was right, it is the only style that seems to work for anyone.


IMG_0170.JPG     FullSizeRender 7.jpg

I wanted a maxi dress, but I knew it had to be slim fitting, it had to be straight at the bottom not flared because that’s not my style. It was only last year when I walked into River Island and I saw this maxi dress that I knew I was joining the maxi summer army.

A maxi is a perfect 70s inspired piece that to me is the most wearable summer item a girl can own. I would wear my maxi during the day and at night, to a sophisticated function like a wedding and on holiday. The list could go on. I firmly believe that any relaxing holiday should include a maxi dress.

The maxi doesn’t have to be just a dress it can be skirt and I am absolutely in LOVE with the current maxi skirts that are slightly risen at the front, slightly pleated and gathered along the top, perfect for wedding season!!

The best thing about a maxi is that you can stamp your own style on it and team it with whatever you want, a belt, a backpack, stacked rings. I really do think it’s summers  most versatile and loved fashion. The flattering factor of this fashion piece fills me with reassurance that it will be around for years to come to give us a maxi-mum style life.


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