Basic White Shirt

I seem to have gone back to my 20 year old style and  I’m not saying that in a negative way, it’s just that I’ve become obsessed with shirts again in a big way! …


But this time I’ve realised how a basic shirt goes a long way in the fashion world and for updating your style. I recently bought this white shirt from TopShop after searching for the right white shirt for quite some time. Initially, I thought I wanted a white shirt buttoned to the top but after seeing this shirt I realised that a V neck cut makes the shirt appear more mature and feminine. After all, I will be wearing this shirt outside of the office, i.e. when it’s time for a cocktail!

I love that a white shirt just owns itself and it doesn’t require any added accessories to work. I teamed this shirt up with a black collar to make the V cut more prominent and to give the outfit a bit more oomph, as I have a fear of looking too old in a white loose fitted shirt like this. This shirt will work well with a leather pencil skirt for a night out when I want to dress more feminine yet have a dash of indy- vidual style.

I always think a white shirt is necessary, and although it’s often referred to as a basic  fashion piece, it is a far cry from this, believe me!

IMG_6276         IMG_6297

The white shirt will never let you down and offers such diversity to your wardrobe, and as a stylish centrality to any outfit. You can wear a white shirt thrown over jeans like I have done and added accessories like my black ( chloe inspired Faye Dupe) bag or opt to wear it like a t- shirt and layer it under a simple cami and dungaree dresses.

If you are digging the current denim skirts and jeans with floral embroidery like I am, wear a white shirt to make the look more mature which will give it an edgy elegance.


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