Indy In Indonesia: Bohemian Style

It’s been a long time since my previous Indy in Indonesia travel diary, but I thought I would complete the diary series today and share my thoughts with you about what sort of style I chose to go for in Bali.

I think we often choose our holiday style depending on where we are going, it’s as if we need to be ourselves but at the same time feel a bit cultural and part of that particular place we’re travelling to. I knew Bali was going to be quite a tropical yet peaceful place with a bit of adventure, so naturally I felt as if i needed to adjust my style and A line skirts slightly, and opt for more loose fitted styles and release that boho girl inside of me! I know she’s in there somewhere…

FullSizeRender 14.jpg     FullSizeRender 13.jpg

I found these shorts in the Coachella range of H&M and for twenty pounds so could I really argue with my bank balance? I just loved that although they were short the tied fringing at the front and border print gave it a laid back look. I teamed this up with an off the shoulder black top from TopShop and my Primark layered necklace with a choker. This is the way that I would do boho by dressing a bit like a gypsy, but I could still  look and feel quite glam for a night out in Bali and feel like myself.

I think with holiday styles for hot places, we can often lose our style identity because we just want to be comfortable in the heat. But there’s so many styles and textures that you can play with to remain stylish whilst in the heat, for example silk and paper bag high waisted shorts are just some that I’ve used in the past.


Sometimes we think that ‘flowy’ fabrics just make us look frumpy instead of giving us sass points. The trick is to go for a bit of a flare like this off the shoulder top and my white bohemian print top again from the H&M Coachella range. This had a tiny flare or maybe it has a slight bell sleeve which just added more bohemian character to the top.

Don’t be afraid to play with bohemian styles and make it what you want it. But focus on being free and being comfortable, just find lengths and styles that work for you. Sometimes it’s easier to work with one piece of clothing to achieve the look, i just wore my white top with a simple white skirt, instead of going for a complete boho outfit. I’ve worn this top in the day and it’s such an easy look to pull off with jeans and it makes me excited for my summer style!

IMG_1119 2.JPG   IMG_1123

Finally, my beloved ASOS bohemian print playsuit was my favourite item that I bought for my Bali trip and it was just perfect for our Kintamani Tour where we visited the Monkey Forest, Ubud Market, Kintamani Volcano, Rice Terrace and saw many beautiful temples! I love that it had that boho vibe about it, I felt like a bit of a traveller in it and that was okay, but I could still remain true to my own style and I could team it with my clumpy white sandals to stamp my British style stamp all over it.

It’s hard to know what will be comfortable to wear in such a hot and humid country and I wanted some outfits that gave me a ‘ free spirit’ aura but this playsuit and my Coachella shorts definitely fitted well with our cultural exploring and relaxed vacation.

The cold shoulder  effect on the playsuit just gave it that discreetly stylish cut which I love! It’s just a shame that I didn’t have a white bag to go with it! I love that you can keep layering more clothes or accessories to a bohemian outfit and look so chic and remember to have fun with your bohemian style and just experiment with it.


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