Year of the Khaki

Black seems to be the colour that everyone can pull off but is it time to reload our wardrobes and inject a sea of khaki garms?


Khaki is the 2016 colour, believe me! You’ve probably seen so many khaki garments and thought ‘hmm can I really pull this off?’ It’s a great simple, strong, block colour that works so well against other shades of khaki, earthy tones and neutral tones add more class to an outfit.

I think this colour works well for anyone and there doesn’t need to be a fear that it will wash you out.If you opt for darker shades of khaki they will still be slimming for our figure.

IMG_6298  IMG_6299

I decided to team my silky floral khaki cami with my khaki bomber jacket to really emphasise the khaki colour and I soon realised that khaki works well with other shades of green such as emerald and olive green. Don’t be afraid to try mixing khaki with other colours, I think this colour will enable you to really develop your ow individual stye because it works effectively with so many different colours whilst still looking stylish. I wanted to create a youthful and summer look by wearing my chunky white sandals and backpack with this look.

I would really like to get a khaki a-line skirt and longline coat for winter now! Remember, there is no malarkey with khaki, so invest in it this year!

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