Heading To a Wedding

Wedding season is upon us, and it’s nice to finally see a glimpse of sun in time for this season! It’s incredible how much the weather impacts our mood. And our fashion choices!

I’ve been looking for a nice 50s prom dress for a friends wedding that I will be attending early next year. Yes, you might think it’s ridiculously early, but you’ve got to remember that none of these beautiful floral summer prints will be around early next year. So as a fashionista I’m trying to be organised and search for a skirt or dress this summer and just pray that it will fit by next year!

This took me back to the faff that I had for a friend’s wedding last year…

As I desperately searched for a sophisticated cocktail dress, all I was greeted with were the normal going out dresses, which was fine. But I don’t go to weddings often so for me this was a real opportunity to be glam and embrace a feminine and lady-like look.


Three days before the wedding I just knew I wouldn’t have the time to go and buy a new dress, so I decided to test some styles with my wardrobe pieces. I initially chose a coral pleated and lace dress from Topshop but changed my mind when I saw my ASOS 50s floral prom skirt. As I hesitated in my room in search for a simple black top I found my wrap front black crop top from Topshop and I just knew that this was a simple, cheap and glamorous outfit for a wedding that I actually really liked. I wore my drop down Vivienne Westwood earrings and looking back I think a fascinator would have really completed the outfit and added real elegance.

If you’re really stressing out about a wedding outfit, just go with a simple top and skirt option and accessorise girl! You have to be comfortable and think about the price of wedding outfits and question if it is really worth it. ( Most of the time it is.)

Make sure you have a deep sort through your wardrobe and see what options you have before you splurge.

I always think a midi skirt, pencil skirt or dress is an excellent level of sophistication for a wedding and combined with a jewelled necklace is  sometimes all you need. A simple block colour skirt will enable you to rewear and remix your wardrobe choices if you have more than one wedding to attend. I think we sometimes over think wedding outfits and do not just go with our gut feelings,  apart from wearing a white dress . It’s so annoying if you’re like me and have some nice white dresses that are perfect for a wedding but you just can’t wear it!


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