Work Edit: Tee Dress

It’s been unbelievably hot this week and at times it has been quite unbearable to work in this heat.

This weeks work outfits have consisted of A-Line dresses and sling backs. But what do you wear to work during Spring/ Summer when the weather is usually just mild?

I am a big fan of tee dresses for the day time and for work, especially a floral tee dress. It’s a simple style that looks effortlessly cool with it’s loose fitted cut and it can be worn during the evening teamed with a statement necklace and perfect heels.


Although this style has been out for quite a long time, it works for so many girls and is possibly the simplest dress to pull off when in doubt. Teaming a simple or sport luxe tee dress with trainers can still look feminine and not make you look like a sack of potatoes! I almost feel like the tee dress is the 21st century girl’s dress code.

IMG_5915It’s important to have that laid back look in summer and not stress about whether we are flashing enough skin for the heat. I always think a tee dress still looks professional for work, still looks stylish and is comfortable, which is what you need when working the 9-5.

I don’t think that I will ever part with these two tee dresses ( Blue tee dress was from Topshop and the pink floral tee dress was from H&M) just because they compliment my skin tone and are super comfortable!

I think a few tee dresses are essential for all women as they are sort of like your ‘ life saver’ dresses, when in doubt throw on a tee dress,lipstick and you instantly look glam and ready for business! A tee dress teamed with great accessories leaves room for you to have messy hair, wear minimal makeup and look like you literally just threw the outfit on. They also help you out on those days when you’re not quite feelin’ yourself. So girls, invest in a tea dress and I’m sure you won’t look back…


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