Double Duty

To quote Beyonce, ‘prove to me you got some coordination.’

Co-ord outfits are perfect for those days when you want to make a statement. Two years after the fashion rose to our wardrobes I am still hooked.


I’m pretty sure this Topshop two piece has visited at least 4 countries with me and every time I wear it, I can’t help but feel just as glamorous and composed as Carrie Bradshaw was when she stormed the streets of NYC. Co-ords make a statement wherever you go, the floral pattern on this outfit makes this a very modern day 50s look, and although it’s a cropped top with a slit maxi skirt it looks effortlessly glam and not tacky, just a great British style!


The slightly loose hang on the outfit almost gives the look a boho feel that can be worn either during the day, in my opinion it is just such a statement look when exploring on holiday all you need is a statement choker and cat eye sunglasses to really emphasise the look to own all the style presence.


This tropical print double combo outfit also from Topshop is really funky and looks different to other outfits that I often wear on holiday, but because the cuts are quite exaggerated on both the top and skirt I tend to opt to wear the skirt with a simple black cami to create a ballerina inspired style and draw attention to the silky pattern.


Don’t be afraid to sometimes choose exaggerated cuts, it gives you style confidence and you feel like something off a fashion runway!#goals

I will always love co-ords and they always look so glam for a night out, so invest in a double combo, it’s versatile which makes it double duty! Go for simple styles like my floral maxi skirt and cropped top because they will be added to your ‘go to’ wardrobe pieces that can be mixed with other pieces all year round, and choose reasonably priced co-ords as they are a great investment.

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