Revamp The Floral Bomber

I’ve been seeking a floral bomber for what seems like a lifetime. The ones I found were either too basic, or I would be too tight to splurge but was that really down to the fact that I just never fell in love with the ones I saw, which I might add were mostly super embroidered types? Hmm…

If you read my ‘Think Pink’ post you will know that I am obsessed with bomber jackets this year in a big way, it’s breaking my bank accounts heart. However, the search to find the perfect floral bomber jacket resumed earlier this year and I was adamant that 2016 would not disappoint me and be the year I finally bought one.


While browsing ASOS I came across this jacquard floral bomber jacket, which I instantly fell in love with. The big floral print almost looks like leafs which made it look different to other styles that I had seen, it looked more expensive than the £65 I ended up spending and it will perfect will it be for Autumn 2016. In years to come I definitely see this becoming a vintage jacket that I will treasure for many years.

IMG_6725     IMG_6724

But lets focus on now. This jacket looks great with some simple jeans, western boots and a choker like the time I wore it to see Queen Bey, but I am totally digging wearing this relaxed fit bomber jacket with my favourite item at the minute… my denim A-lien skirt. I love how it just adds a bit of street wear luxe to such a simple girlie outfit and the boots toughen up the look and add some intricate detail that subtly keeps this outfit looking very British and you know that I just looooove British fashion. I added a simple white cropped t-shirt to add a summer statement and a black choker as I love to wear jewellery but wanted to keep it simple and sleek for this look.


I opted to wear a cross-body bag with this outfit but I think to really make this look have more character and fierceness I would have worn my black Topshop backpack        (which I am oh so excited to wear later this year in AMERICA!) But, the main thing I want you to take from this is, is to not to be afraid of looking too masculine in a bomber jacket, just wear it with the culottes and trainers or the midi dress. Adopting male clothing is the new form of power dressing for women and simple ways to update your feminine fashion. P.s. they are such comfy garms!

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