Jacquard & Leather Texture

I love textured clothing especially jacquard and leather. Mixing different patterns and textures is a really easy way to update your style and gives more variety to your outfits. I think mixing different textures, cuts and patterns really helps to create an individualistic look and gives you a personal style.

Don’t get me wrong, it does not always work out the way you planned, I mean I remember when it was really cool to mix two different types of floral clothing together i.e. a jacquard floral skirt with a simple floral top but obviously stick to block coloured accessories to break the look up. Lets be honest I failed but at least I was in the comfort of my own bedroom to make that mistake, phew.

Mixing textured clothing tends to scare people and there is no reason too, the trick is to start with simple items and gain confidence to really clash prints with varying fabrics.


Try wearing a bigger textured print on the bottom teamed with a more subtle and small print at the top, like this lime green ASOS cropped jumper teamed with my an edgy 80s inspired leather skirt from Topshop.

The biggest part of nailing double texture, is to be confident and suss out what works for you, don’t follow what everyone else is doing. Mixing various textures can really help to add more volume and attention to certain parts of your body that you think you need to create a silhouette for. Like this ASOS top I decide to stick with textures and patterns that have their own individuality and will not be competing against each other.


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