Stride in Floral Trousers

The key to WERKING ( yes you read that right) a pair of floral trousers is all down to confidence with a hint of attitude while you stride, maybe check out how cute your outfit is while walking past a couple of shop windows ( hey we all do it) and owning your fearless look.

I love floral patterned trousers because although they can often be a loud print and we can hesitate to try them, when paired with a simple top they can help you to create a modern, streamlined and feminine look that sets you apart from your peers. Lets not forget how great it is to swap your skirts for a more casual fitted pair of trousers with excellent character and adopt a bit of a boyish stance.

IMG_6858   IMG_6875

I bought these two fabulous not to mention reasonably cheap (€29 each) pair of floral trousers in Zara while enjoying a city break in Barcelona in 2014. I instantly fell in love with them, adored that they had that real Zara feel to it with a splash of european culture. I just had to get them.

I have continued to turn back to these trousers whenever I have to go on a sophisticated night out or when it’s an early evening start with food and drinks. I feel that floral trousers enable me to have a simple glam look without baring too much skin at 5pm but are perfect for when the night turns into a bar crawl event.


The white floral brushed stroke pair of trousers can be worn for very casual days in the office or while running to the shop for some milk ( even this has to be done in style). For a more girly take on the look I would team it with my wrap front, v cut cropped top from Topshop and Gillie sandals ( as pictured) to tone down the sophistication and keep it within playful guidelines. The best thing about floral trousers is that they do all the work for you when you compile an outfit and you just add the basics. These trousers really bestow a D&G quality to them with the use of black and neutral brown tones with a hint of a pink brush stroke effect. Yes they are fractions of the price of what D&G floral trousers would cost us, but the trick is to wear them like they are the most expensive designer trousers that you own. How do you do that? Through sass.


These navy floral trousers work all year round for me as it mixes orange, light pastel and navy colours. I like to stick with a white top, white loafers or white heels for this look and simple jewellery to make a statement as the style is straight leg. The trousers are versatile and youthful which makes them so fabulous to wear all the time and to complete the look, go for a bold pair of sunglasses.

So my advice today would be, be brave when it comes to floral trousers, choose straight leg, cigarette leg or jogger styles. If you go for high waisted trousers it makes you appear more feminine and gives you a great outline to your figure. Jogger styles give you a laid back look but be sure that they make you look taller not wider. Enjoy a different style and welcome your look with confidence girls!


I am desperately after a pair of wide leg floral trousers to enter Autumn/ Winter with a great silhouette and edge of fierceness.I’ll tell you when I purchase a pair and what my views are…



But in the meantime don’t forget to follow me on Instagram: @indyfierce for more style updates, tips and tricks.


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