Holiday Edit

The UK summer seems to have ended/ bypassed us… But you might still be waiting to go on your big summer holiday, like I am! The hunt to find holiday essentials has probably become that little bit more stressful and you are probably filling your head with ‘ what if ‘I don’t find anything?’ or ‘ I don’t have anything to take with me’ thoughts.

Don’t panic! Now is the time to pull everything out of your wardrobe and drawers and get the basic accessories out. I’ve picked some items that I think are key to take on holiday, especially if you’re going on a more adventurous trip.


If you’ve read any of my previous blogposts you will know that my favourite item this summer is my denim A-line skirt, which just adds a casual feel to my outfits especially when wearing a bardot top or simple camisole top. I think a playsuit is always a comfy option to wear when you’re exploring so pick styles that are roomy yet look stylish when you wear them. I would also invest in a medium sized bag where you can fit your purse, phone, a drink and possibly a small camera in and lipstick of course! I think my duffle bag from Topshop will be perfect for travelling America this September, while making my outfits still look feminine.

I have decided to take my Nikon camera for my American adventure which starts this week * squeals with excitement* because it obviously takes better quality photos than my iPhone and lets not forget how annoying that ‘ iCloud storage is full’ message can be!

Obviously there are much cheaper digital cameras on the market that will capture high res images for you, but I would always encourage you to buy a camera and not rely solely on your mobile phones, and they always have more storage.


My Topshop Gillie sandals are ultra comfortable to wear with a subtle block gold heel which gives them a splash of character, the tie up makes them cool for daywear too.

There are simple ways that you can revamp old outfits that you have worn time and time again on holiday. I would suggest that you invest in good costume jewellery that can become a centrepiece to your outfit, like this Topshop choker and teamed with some quite simple round sunglasses this can instantly update your outfits and you’ll feel as if you’ve bought something new.


The best way to look different in an outfit you’ve worn time and time again is to change your makeup, this can be done by wearing different shades of bright red, pink and purple lipsticks or darker and lighter eyeshadows. Finally,  I always feel my outfit is complete when I spritz one of my favourite perfumes like See by Chloé and perfumes have a way of reminding you of certain memories and taking you back.

I suppose now that we are in September and it seems to be getting more and more difficult to find summer clothes, the next step is to try new makeup and accessorise to reinvent your look.

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