Next Stop: Vegas

I was most excited to see Vegas on our American trip and the city did not disappoint! People always used to tell me it was just not what you expect , it is just non stop with every source of entertainment at your fingertips.

img_2752    img_1509

The attraction of Vegas is visiting the hotels, eating, drinking, celebrating and chilling by the pool. The sun was always out on our trip so in the day I tended to wear embroidered shorts, simple dresses and at night I tended to wear bardot tops with A-Line skirts. This really was the place to be glam and really soak in the world attractions that Vegas offers with the Venetian Grand Canal, New York New York and the Effiel Tower hotels. It’s incredible how one strip can capture so much!


We stayed at the Bellagio hotel, which hosted classic casinos which you’d expect to see in every hotel in vegas as well as, botanical gardens which had a halloween theme, high end fashion stores like Lanvin and Valentino, an array of restaurants and of course fountains synchronised to music.


Every hotel is different and has there own theme such as the venetian, I have never visited Italy but the replicas are so good you feel as if you are constantly stepping into America, then Europe and across to Africa.


There is no place like Vegas, if you ever visit make sure you soak up all of the magic it has to offer, you’ll just be loving life and use it as an opportunity to dress up girls. I definitely want to go back to Vegas on an annual basis!

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