Tapestry & Jacquard

As soon as the leaves start to fall, I immediately feel the need to invest in some new skirts, to help me to get into the swing of the new season. But they have to have plenty of detail because you all know that I am a HUGE fan of the turtleneck and the polo neck, but I love part of my outfit to offer some pattern.


Whilst I was in America, I obviously managed to get a sneaky scroll through the TopShop website( you honestly didn’t think I would last two weeks without a peak at one of my favourite brands did you?! I came across this tapestry skirt, the colours are warm and the red really seeps through and that is a colour I want to and am trying to embrace more. I also liked the pop buttons on the skirt along the left hand side which you can’t  really see but you can see that the skirt is almost double layered at the bottom, making this skirt stand out already.

I love wearing patterned skirts with simple tops and a simple necklace for a ladylike polish. However, for this particular outfit I chose to go for a double jacquard look by opting for my gold shirt that has a very subtle jacquard print on. However, the light gold tone helps to draw out the primary colours in the skirt. But there is something quite classy about wearing double jacquard and rolled up sleeves can create a more relaxed heritage feel to the outfit for a more day wear look.


The print on this skirt captures a classic vintage style, so I just had to invest in it. I will definitely be wearing this skirt in years to come pairing it with different colours and styles, including a white shirt to adopt a workwear look.

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