It’s In The Detail

You might be getting artistic with your halloween outfits but Autumn is the perfect time of year to make your outfits creative and full of character.


I bought this sweater three years ago from River Island and even to this day I’m obsessed with it. There is a lot of colour and print clash on this sweater but somehow it works. The detailed embroidery in the middle looks quite classic and the sleeves make it more current.

I tend to wear this sweater with jeans and my Timberlands for a more casual weekend look. I think opting for deep dark colours such as red, blue and this seasons must have colour- green, will help you to remain looking classy whilst wearing a casual outfit.

I would always stick with mosaic or Dolce and Gabbana inspired floral prints for winter. You could always try a double combo look by wearing a sweater and skirt. Or stick to skinny jeans an oversized embroidered sweater that looks like contemporary art.

img_7380   img_7383

Embroidery has changed this years key fashion pieces and helps to add flamboyant flourishes to staple clothing. Detail to something quite small and intricate like embroidery can help bring an outfit to life.

Pick winter garden embroidery styles to create a hybrid between high and street fashion and don’t be afraid to pair the pieces with clashing boots and coats.

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