373 Days and Counting

It’s been 373 days since I officially started my blog and what a year it has been. I finally  decided to bite the bullet and start my blog. I’m so glad I did, GOODBYE fear of judgement.


Within the last year I have met many people who either support what I do or just seem to think every girl on Instagram who take selfies in their new Zara purchase is a blogger. The truth is, those people do not understand what fashion and blogging means to girls like me.

Yes there are a lot of girls blogging across the globe. Whether or not they have an official blogging platform or just prefer to share images of their latest purchases on Instagram, we all just share a common ground for fashion, style, trends etc. and  feel that we need to share our voice on this matter.

Truth is, I live and breathe fashion. My world revolves around shopping, fashion research, flicking through vogue, trying new styles, sharing my style on Instagram, on WordPress reading many fashion books and looking for the next best purchase.

IMG_2237  IMG_2640

Over the last year though I have realised I prefer the term style. Fashion is something that is momentarily here and then it becomes tomorrows recycling. Style is forever and it’s what makes us unique and different. I have realised that all the women and bloggers that I admire have style, they break the rules and they don’t feel the pressure to conform to society’s seasonal fashion laws.

I wouldn’t say I am fashionable or stylish I am just wearing what I want. With age I have realised that I no longer care if something was in fashion in 2012 and I still wear something from my days at university.

IMG_8671_Fotor  img_7288

Becoming a blogger has made me comfortable to share my thoughts on fashion and style without fearing scrutiny. As we get older, we seem to forget the things we once loved. As a child I loved to write stories and as I got older  I naturally fell out of that habit. But my love for writing (and now sharing my personal style or style opinions) has come flowing back within the last year.

I also think there is no need to define your style to anyone. Wear what you want and don’t be afraid to try something wild or unique. If it doesn’t work then laugh about it and pull something else on.

I blog to share my thoughts and style, while admiring the work of fashion art that other girls showcase. It’s a reminder of how much fashion means to me.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the last year, here is to the next one!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram: @indyfierce for more style updates.


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