Heavy Metal and Military

I always try to adopt styles that ooze high fashion. I’ve always found that power statement pieces help me to be in the right frame of mind.

Whilst shopping in H&M in San Francisco I came across this khaki green military skirt with gold buttons running along both sides. I just knew this would be one of the skirts that would put my winter wardrobe in formation.


It’s a skirt with character that works both for casual dinner dates and for office wear because of the pleated front section,the sleek A-Line edge, and quality fabric.

I think it’s easy to wear jeans and a knitted jumper throughout winter because we think that is the easiest and cosiest look to throw on. I disagree, I wear skirts and dresses 80% of the time because I love the silhouette it creates and as I’ve said before I feel taller than I actually am. Don’t fear the skirt in winter gals, your over the knee boots are there to keep you warm! We shouldn’t lose sight of our style during the colder times, it’s an opportunity to layer and channel fierce looks that draw on a range of historical periods.


To add drama to this military skirt I decided to wear my black ruffle polo neck to add a true victorian element. My boots signal attention to my skirt and makes that the pivotal part of the outfit. Heeled over the knee boots gives a modern take on quite a stiff look and it helps to add that high fashion quality that you would see on the runway. The ruffle neck softens the look and is a simple reminder of the femininity the outfit holds and victorian styles are elegant.

I wore my beloved Zara quilted chain bag with this look because it works well with simple block colours and the outfit needs that hardcore glamour to add more power to the look. Also the bag is fabulous and literally asks for full time attention and to be worn as much as possible!


Tip: This season is all about bags that have studs, metal attachments and glistening chains. Invest, invest, invest!

This skirt also draws on a 60s swagger, a time that really helped to move fashion forward. It really is worth investing in a khaki coloured military piece this autumn/ winter not just for the powerful look but also how it makes you feel when you wear it. You will feel empowered and confident.

What are your thoughts on military fashion?

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