It’s Cold Outside

When I opened my curtains yesterday my heart sunk a little as rain greeted me, gently reminding me that winter is definitely on it’s way. This meant that there was no point straightening my hair, I just needed to scrape my hair up, snuggle up in my sheepskin jacket from H&M and get things done.

I bought this jacket at the start of October and yesterday was finally the perfect chance to  enjoy it. I teamed it with a simple Zara black tee that has khaki and cream blocks on and my suede skirt from New Look for a casual look to take on the Autumnal breeze and misty rain. The shearling siege has now commenced in my wardrobe, I am once again in love with this jacket for all it’s fashionable elements and the continuous warmth it gives.


If you’re going to buy a shearling jacket make sure you have enough simple tops to wear it with. You want to keep falling in love with it and teaming it with other simple styles with character to keep it at the top of your jacket list. As you can see above, I wore the jacket over an embroidered top for a modern day Disney look. The shearling jacket takes all the attention of your outfit so you can just relax about finding amazing dresses and tops to team it with. The simpler the clothes underneath, the better.

I would advise wearing a shearling jacket with ripped skinny jeans and tough ankle boots. Or why not team it with some black mom jeans to give your look a street angle and to give a more shapely silhouette and to have a glamorous look fit to be seen in the Antarctica.


I used to be obsessed with this shearling jacket that I bought from Topshop at least 4 years ago! I would wear this all the time with dark and mauve coloured shirts ( like pictured) paired with some skinny jeans, for a day to day ‘uni look’. It is perfect for autumnal weather when it’s warm enough to wear a light or sleeveless jacket and the best thing is that you don’t have to take it off.  “It’s part of the outfit!”


Aviator sleeveless jackets also gives you the chance to leave the coat at home and opt for a more tough military look. Although, I would suggest that you opt for a full sleeve jacket, cape or floor sweeping suede and shearling coat because you’ll find you will wear that more ( it’s’s also a fabulous way of looking and feeling ultra stylish on a winter night out sipping Cosmos and martinis.) Plus it has a longer fashion shelf life that I’m sure will return in future seasons. Full sleeve styles will help you to blanket your outerwear whilst looking deliciously stylish. Make this style jacket a priority and move it to the top of your shopping list, it’s worth it.


Are you also obsessing over shearling and suede coats?

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