Be A Cat Lady

Can you imagine my excitement when I saw the Dolce and Gabbana spread in my Vogue magazine that showed cat print making a stance for autumn/winter fashion?!

I am not a crazy cat lady ( yet) but I do love cats, ( hey,  I am surprised my own Cat – Oscar doesn’t often feature on my Instagram account). But there’s something quite trendy and kitsch about cat print clothes, wouldn’t you agree?  I think cat prints are a great way to enjoy the animal phase we always seem to love as brits. Actual cat prints are not tacky, whereas some of us seem to have our doubts when it comes to snakeskin and leopard print. I often ask myself, ” is it stylish or is just too much Kat Slater?” When I’ve been on the prowl for a leopard print coat it always seems to be the latter.

When it comes to leopard and cheetah prints, you either like it, can be swayed to a certain point or just seem plain hate it. But this feline fashion moment is in a league of its own, in my opinion.


I recently bought this cat print shirt from Zara, for a bargain £9.99, perfect to wear on #Caturday or for a #CatsOfInstagram post featuring Oscar, you know for dramatic effect. I like that the shirt was a block colour with different neon coloured outlines of cats. This artistic element drew me in and I just had to pair it with a black A-Line skirt for a more feminine silhouette where the shirt is still the focal point of the outfit.
To complete the look, I could have been a cliché and wore a collar. However, I opted for a more high fashion Gucci approach by opting for a bow tie. Naturally, to finish my cat woman style I picked my Topshop leather over the knee boots. Good quality leather knee high boots will help to give your cat style more glamour and sophistication. Opt for a bold lipstick to tie your look together.

img_7408    img_7409

Cats are leading the animal trend in a big way and I honestly can’t see this trend becoming tacky. Pick cat prints that are edgy, quirky and are printed in high quality for a puuurfect high fashion look fit to be seen at Prada catwalks. Team your cat tops or skirts with metallic accessories or washed blue denim.

If you choose a darker shirt like me that has neon pink, green and yellow in it, you will be able to update this style with block coloured skirts and jackets come spring time. But also embrace leopard print too. If you’re unsure just start with small items of clothing like a top and pair it with a minimalist outfit so it still has class and character.

Are you a cat lady in the making too?

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