Afternoon Tea & A New Outfit

Fashion is one of my favourite things, but I do love a spot of afternoon tea as well. Yesterday I attended afternoon tea at The Ritz in London and it did not disappoint.

Afternoon tea is just something so nice to do with loved ones. It’s a combination of two great British things, tea and cakes. What’s not to love?


The Ritz afternoon tea is something out of a film, it was so quaint and picturesque with a harp player seen in one corner, then to my left there were three golden stairs leading to tables full of delicious treats and let’s not forget the magical christmas decorations!

If you have never experienced afternoon tea you really should indulge in one of Britain’s most loved traditions. Why not try it in England’s most finest and luxurious hotels to make the experience that little bit more beautiful?!


Afternoon tea presented an exciting opportunity for me to dress up. We went for afternoon tea and then spent the day gallivanting around London so we had to dress practically for both.

I decided to wear my high neck zipped dress from Zara which is a straight style dress in a modern houndstooth print. I love that this dress had a raised collar with a very prominent zip. The dress is quite simple but it makes a statement because it has a subtle red, blue and cream coloured print and the style is so straight it can be clashed with many items to make it more fashionable,  I chose my chain bag.

img_4087  img_4075

To stick with the tawny shade of my dress, I decided to wear my caramel  boyfriend coat from Zara which is a little loose fitted and helps to give a more relaxed fit. Because the dress has a very straight structure, the slightly over sized coat helps to make the look more current and perfect for the weekend.


I pulled out my fur scarf because it looks a bit more elegant than wearing my thick black scarf and it kept me very warm during the tough cold in London. Double win! Afternoon tea was the best time for me to hook on my Vivienne Westwood drop earrings which are a little more high society and something I love to wear during special occasions.

To complete the look, I chose my ASOS black ankle boots that have a statement heel. The heel has a burnt orange colour fading into a walnut brown shade. I like that these statement heels are not too much, they still look classy and I won’t be getting bored of them anytime soon.

It’s important to be comfortable in London, yes my feet hurt after quite a few hours but that is probably because I don’t do enough walking in general. Or should I have worn flats? I suppose there are some things I will not be sacrificing. But I was warm and that counts for a lot as you want to enjoy London for all its culture and how it really is one of the best cities in the world with its countless afternoon tea options. Girls, you can still have style and be comfortable when sipping on fine english tea.

Are you also a lover of afternoon tea?

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