Crushing on Velvet

In the past I have found velvet to be too tricky to pull off. Fast forward a few years and I am once again crushing on velvet, but this time I know exactly what styles, colours I like and what works.


I have noticed that there are lots of different styles of velvet dresses, tops and jackets to suit every girl on the hunt on the high street. It seems that velvet has finally shredded it’s fusty reputation and is ready to glisten throughout autumn/winter.

I know I’m not alone with my doubts about velvet and whether it really can be cool. But this year you are able to wear a velvet bag, shoes or cropped trousers and still look current with a touch of elegance. This texture works paralleled against silk and cotton rich jumpers.

I recently bought this dusky pink velvet sack dress from Zara. I saw it online and wanted to try it on because I am quite cautious when it comes to velvet as there is the fear that I may look like I stepped straight out of granny’s attic. I opted for a medium as as sack style dress is meant to be very loose fitted for a cool girl attitude. I also chose to go for the dusky pink colour over the red and yellow coloured versions as I think this colour looked fresh and young. Not to mention of how versatile it will become next spring. If you buy this dress you may want to consider buying the yellow also as this will be an ‘it’ colour for the next season.


There is no denying that when velour works it certainly makes a statement when worn. I think the key to giving velvet a makeover time and time again is to update it with fierce accessories.

I decided to take a more galactic approach and teamed my dress with silver metallic boots from primark to create a futuristic look. I decided to keep jewellery to a minimum with silver hoops and a small grey choker. The boots keep the style fresh and adds a bit of sparkle to the velvet daytime outfit, which could also be worn for a christmas gathering.


I would advise going for crushed or pleated velvet for a more hip approach to quite a decadent texture. Don’t choose typically dark colours such as jade green, red or navy. Think outside the box and choose yellow or olive green like Gigi Hadid which can be restyled in time for spring.

However, if you like to play it safe then pick dark coloured velvet but be brave to try it in the format of a velvet tuxedo or embroidered jacket. I predict this texture might help you revamp your wardrobe in time for the most magical time of year!

Are you also crushing on velvet?

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