Check On It

Whether it be brushed, tartan, or gingham, this is the ideal season to embrace checks. The trend is always in fashion during winter because it is a classic style that can do no wrong.

If you’re a shopaholic like me, you may have noticed that Zara is slaying at the minute and the plaid section is not to be ignored either. I’m talking 80s power shoulders, bell sleeves and everything in between.

When you are choosing a checked item, try to pick something a bit different and something that you will wear at work and at the weekends. If so, it’s worth it to spend that little bit extra.


I found this Burberry inspired checked dress from the Love label section of TopShop about 4 years ago – ( it seems as if all my outfits are from 4 years ago at the minute!). Brown is not usually a colour I’m drawn to nor would I pick it over another colour. However, this dress was different, (with a touch of toffee brown swirled with grey), the perfect dose of class for a twenty something year old.

I’m really drawn to pieces that seem to reflect British fashion and that is why I chose this dress and because there are not many brown coloured checked dresses on the high street. I teamed it with my Chloè inspired bag to really indulge in a British romanticism outfit.

The cream and red lines on the dress make the dress more current, authentic and high fashion. Opt for bold colours such as red and navy blue to make an impact. I don’t usually wear skater styles but if you want to wear the dress during your downtime, grab a piece of checked clothing with some added features such as frills. Or why not choose a sack, skater or A-line dress?


If you pick dark colours or classy neutral shades you will be working your plaid item for years to come, because the style is timeless and works for every woman. But think outside of the box a little.

I think wearing a black polo neck top is definitely ideal for this time of year when you have to be warm at work, but to change it up for the evening or weekend, get your Prada head on and combine statement boots and a classic cocoon coat to the look.

Be classy with this style, but don’t be afraid to embrace new styles.

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