Be More Clueless

I took inspiration for this outfit than none other than Cher and Dionne from Clueless. I love plaid but sometimes making it the most pivotal point of the outfit can be hard and lets not forget it can be difficult to stand out from an array of plaid loving people.

Cher’s infamous yellow plaid double combo outfit from the film has paved the way for more contemporary looking plaid pieces to come forth and spruce up our wardrobes. This wool blend checked mini skirt from Topshop which looks slightly Miu Miu inspired is one of my favourite skirts to wear and although it is a mini skirt, I seem to think this one looks effortlessly stylish with a touch of parisian style.


Mini skirts can be tricky or tacky to pull off, so choose a sophisticated grown up pattern like plaid in shades of yellow or even pink-purple tones and you’ll look more chic. I love that this skirt combines three different colours and the block pattern works well against simple tops or tops with a bit of character. For this outfit I chose a fluffy jumper to draw on aspects of Dionne’s style to fabricate a more casual look as opposed to an office style. But this  proves that monochrome checks work well for all occasions and ages.

img_7428  img_7431

As I am wearing  my River Island fluffy jumper over my skirt, I decided to wear leather Topshop knee high boots to bring the look together and create a cute yet confident look.

When you wear monochrome plaid, why not try and pair it with other textures like faux ostriche feather jackets and channel that more high fashion feel with an ounce of sass like the Clueless girls. It’s fine to choose a cute look but add the right textures and accessories to give your look more substance edge and maturity. This look is simple to achieve, affordable and can be worn time and time again.

Are you inspired by clueless fashion?

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