Five Favourite Outfits Of 2016

2017 is right around the corner and I have to admit I have not planned any blogging content as I am enjoying the festive period too much! I have however used some time to reflect on my five favourite looks of this year.

I love to reflect on my favourite outfits because they all mean something completely different to me or take me back to a certain memory.


This bohemian inspired playsuit from ASOS became my ultimate summer statement piece. Playsuits are a great way for looking stylish when you really can’t be bothered and they don’t require another piece of item to complete the look. I chose this boho inspired playsuit because I felt that it was a print that would look more cultural whilst travelling Bali. I loved that it was still fashionable with the cold shoulder details. The playsuit style is more loosely fitted and is a summer piece that I will be able to wear for the next few summers as it is very cas-chic.


This look has been my favourite to wear on really crisp yet cool days. The tweed wrapped skirt helps the chunky aran knit look more youthful yet stylish. It is a really comfy look that draws on real British style such as Burberry with the shades of cream and tawny brown. It is my modern take on a classic British heritage style. The textures are timeless so I will be wearing this outfit over and over again next year!


I love the fine details in this outfit. Green is one of my favourite colours but I don’t own enough clothes in the colour- that will definitely have to change next year. I love that this look draws on victorian fashion in a subtle way such as the ruffle on the black polo neck and combined with the military style of the gold buttons along the green skirt. To bring the outfit more up to date I added my fierce heavy metal chanel inspired chain bag.


This look is very 70s inspired which I don’t think I have channeled as much this year but as you may be aware it is one of my favourite fashion eras! I love the flute sleeves and the boho pattern which makes the bardot look more expensive than it actually is. The bardot style leaves enough room for me to wear my layered blue stone choker and fringed sandals which draws on 70s fashion yet creating the perfect festival and holiday daytime outfit.


I chose this look because of its simplicity and that it is something I would probably never wear in England. It reminds me of how sometimes it’s important to be really comfortable and just take in the beautiful surroundings that you will find yourself in. Although I’m wearing thick Nike leggings, a grey turtleneck and black aviators, which is an outfit I have never worn before visiting Yosemite, I just can’t help but love it. It’s so casual but the sunglasses give it an edge of style especially teamed up with my backpack. This look makes me want to visit more scenic places and adopt a more casual look… well maybe only on Sundays.

Now it’s time to create more style memories for 2017…

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