New Year, New Goals

The thought of a new year can sometimes cast a spell of gloom over us, but it’s usually because we’ve ended on a complete high with the festive period and we’re feeling a little nervous about the year ahead… oh and the thought of heading back to work.

I’ve decided that resolutions are weak promises to myself. I’ll never follow through with them, so I have decided instead to use the golden term – goals. I’ve written them out as well because I want them to mean something to me and not just empty words to be forgotten by January 31st.  I plan to work really hard at them and hopefully I won’t break any of them before February!


I won’t bore you with my list of goals, but one of them is about my blog. Creating a blog plan is key for me. For someone who prides themself on organisation, I really do need to up my planning skills with my blog. It’s one of my favourite hobbies but sometimes ( particularly the beginning  and end of 2016) I can fall off my blogging bandwagon and not invest time with planning posts.

But this year I want to be consistent with it, maybe even post on two or three particular days of the week. Alongside this, I want to give my blog a makeover – new year new colours, font, style and homepage images! I also want to explore the idea of creating a YouTube channel to mix the posts up. I really do feel like I’ve got my blogging mojo back! 2017 I’m ready for you…

What are your goals for the year?

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