Bell Sleeves Romanticism

I have been obsessed with this grey satin blouse from the day it arrived in TopShop late last year. There is something so beautiful and entrancing about the colour grey and that is partially the reason I had to buy it.

I have to admit I am one for trying to find a simple top with a few intricate features, but I have to admit it seems like a never ending challenge. That is why when I saw this grey  ruffled neck top with bell sleeves I knew it was the simple top of TopShop dreams that I had been wistfully waiting for.

thumb_img_7747_1024_fotor  thumb_img_7751_1024

I have developed a need and love to wear skinny jeans more and more in the last few years but I feel that the upper part of my body has to make a statement. Hence my choice for this grey ( with an undertone of lilac), satin and pie crusted collar blouse. It is quite a simple yet impactful outfit that can be worn in the day and worn for a night for when you just need to sip a few cocktails.


The ruffles and bell sleeves add a sweet charm to the blouse and impose a playful and romantic Chloé inspired fashion which I just love! Ruffles and big sleeves can also help you to create your own version of a British heritage style while quietly drawing in on victorian fashion pieces. I decided to add my chain bag for a more lady like look but added fishnet tights under my ripped skinny jeans for a more 80s rock n roll feel. Now that is my contribution to the British heritage look.

thumb_img_7752_1024  thumb_img_7739_1024_fotor_fotor

I chose to wear a lavender lipstick from Mac to give it a romantic touch and to up the brightness of the look. Lilac is a fantastic colour to wear during the cold January days as it helps you to keep the youth of a monochrome or grey outfit. You will probably fall in love with this shade because I think it’s a colour  you can wear all year round to  freshen or complete any knock out look.

I think this will become a pivotal blouse in my wardrobe that I will continue to keep wearing and updating throughout the year.

What are your thoughts on bell sleeves and pie crusted collars?

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