How to Tackle Print

Print clothing can be so exciting to purchase but somewhat difficult to keep restyling time after time.

This year is all about finding new hues that suit your complexion and uplift your mood. It’s time to get bright and bold in time to be a full bloomed print expert by spring. Now is the perfect time to play with styles and figure out what (I like to say)is your style angle, as we often tend to lean more towards a few trends that seem to steal the style limelight during any given season.

I say it’s time for us to stop playing it safe and get in formation with bold, vibrant and stop- you-in -your- tracks-and-stare prints!


I bought this Zara print dress during the sale because I really couldn’t justify spending the original value of 60! I love that it combines white and tones of lava and crimson red as well as splashes of coral. These are colours that I don’t normally embrace, but hey new beginnings start here! It’s such a statement dress that can be worn time and time again because it incorporates elegance with frilled trimmings along the chest and hem border that puts a more youthful spin on the dress.


I love how it is slim fitting yet is no way a body con style, the full length sleeves give it a high fashion nod and the silky feel to it is only noticeable in person, therefore making it ideal for both the daytime and for more dressier occasions.

This dress looks great worn with or without tights. Although it is such a bold print, I think for now it would look very British teamed with some black tights, heeled boots and a cocoon grey coat to add a bit of a creative flair to the style. I love that this dress is perfect for those evenings out where you want to be dressed up but not over the top yet still want to have your legs out and adopt a style different to what everyone else is wearing.


This dress is an extremely loud print so my accessories need to be a lot quieter. That is why I chose to go for a more simplistic look with my Zara chain bag and boots for this season. This rule goes for printed trousers as well, you have to make sure that your top is as minimal as possible in order to look stylish and for the prints to come to life.

However, to take on a more casual Spanish style during spring, I will wear the dress without tights and paired with my black Gucci duped loafers, perfect for a day out shopping and lunching.


I’ll keep you posted with all the new styles I make with it. What do you think to bold vibrant patterns, are you coming on board? Don’t be afraid to try it.

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