Bloom With Florals


I think this is one of my favourite outfits and I’ve waited until the 1st March to post it because as it’s the first day of spring so the florals seem appropriate and it’s one of my favourite seasons for fashion! I was having a quick browse in Zara one lunch time and came across this ruffled, bell sleeved AND floral print blouse – can you nail any more trends in one top?! I loved the colour and although it’s quite a busy and vibrant floral print, it works and can just spruce up my daytime wardrobe.

img_7856    img_7863

Now for £25.99 it was a no brainier for me, I had to have it. Also I knew I was celebrating my birthday so obviously me being me, I needed a ‘birthday’ look and this top just happened to drop into my hands.

I’ve only worn the top with a black a-line suede skirt for the daytime but for Spring I am definitely teaming it with my pastel pink skirt from Zara, like pictured. Unfortunately for me, the weather keeps getting in the way of my style. I can’t help but feel this look is a bit Dolce and Gabbana in the double spread of Vogue and that is possibly why I am obsessed with the look.


Now I’m all for embracing pastels for spring but this year I’m taking a leaf out of Michael Kors‘ book and clashing pastels clothes with darker shades of the pastel colour ( in this instance pink) or by using prints to embrace the style and to exaggerate the style.

I love that the blouse has some oomph and femininity about it with the ruffle panels running parallel along the blouse. It touches upon the victorian era but it has a more contemporary fresh feel with the floral print.


I am obsessed with bell sleeves (and there will be at least another post soon about another bell sleeve top that I own) I just love that a sleeve can make such a statement and can make an outfit have much more attitude about it. I was definitely trying to channel the 70s with this look so in my opinion I think the bell sleeves subtly give the overall look a polished 70s flourish.

I think the black edging details on the zip of the skirt and small specks throughout the blouse really helps to make the look mature and gives a more high fashion ( yes I’m thinking D&G too) feel as opposed to a ‘Tammy girl’ replica. I would team this with my black Chloé  inspired bag to give it an european street style luxe.

img_7843_fotor  img_7859_fotor

To complete this look, I chose my TopShop blue pale blue tinted sunglasses as I think they instantly make any outfit look spring cool and the round shape is ultra 70s sass! If you’re a fan of clashing pastels like myself, you’ll notice how the use of a stylish pair of sunglasses like these will enable all parts of the outfit to take centre stage!

I cannot wait to keep wearing this outfit throughout summer and to feel like a walking D&G advert.

What do you think to the look and the idea of clashing pastels? Leave a comment 🙂

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