Ornate Playsuit

Last night we celebrated my friend’s hen do  for the second time, because you can’t celebrate enough, right?

FullSizeRender 5

I bought this ornate floral playsuit from ASOS last month for £26, what a bargain! I just loved the classic traditional pyjama style with the collar and pyjama style just looks effortlessly cool. Also teal is not a colour that I often find nor wear, so this really seemed like a playsuit I needed to purchase.

Satin can be quite a tricky texture to pull off, but choosing a satin outfit in a print like floral or a geo will help you to look classy with an edge of sass. The playsuit is contrasted with red binding along the edges of the sleeves and v-neck colour which makes it more high fashion and adds an expensive quality.

I teamed the playsuit with my open toe black heels to give a more relaxed luxe feel and added my Zara chain city bag for a feminine and glam touch. I decided to play it safe with my simple  silver and gold Marc Jacobs watch, silver Pandora rings and 90s Mac Lipstick in shade – Verve.

The playsuit helped me to have a more longline silhouette and sometimes that can be hard to achieve when you were quite a busy print. If you’re worried about a detailed and busy floral print maybe choose an ornate print that has more space, pieces that create more movement and that don’t require any additional pieces to really pop. Think more styles like Alexander McQueen.

I loved that my playsuit was mainly blossom flowers but also touched upon other aspects of the environment such as; leaves, birds and bark, it’s the modern way to embrace florals. It’s also a great alternative if you don’t like too much floral or if you’re a bit bored of it.

You can also wear this style of playsuit for more casual days on holidays by wearing sandals and a small bun in your hair for a stylish yet casual look. But you can also does it up as much as you want.

Ornate patterns don’t have to be too much and over the top, it all comes down to buying subtle big pieces or more intricate floral items.

Are you a fan of oriental patterns?

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