Go Green

I just love the colour green. All year round. Regardless of what fashion magazines tell me. I love everything from khaki to olive and mint to lime green. Now’s the time for you to turn a new leaf in your own personal style, in time for summer.


I bought this dress years ago from ASOS but I just love it and sometimes when I get bored of it, it’s good to just put it at the back of my wardrobe and then in a few months I stumble upon it and just love it again.

The pattern is simple and great to wear for the day and for those days that you want to have a bit of personality in the office. Green’s a powerful colour to me because  it’s not a colour that you see all the time, I love how it looks against my skin colour and there is something oh so fresh about it. You can wear pretty much any lip colour with it as well which is a mega bonus for a lipstick fiend like myself!


I feel like my style is constantly switching between my winter and spring wardrobe at the moment because the weather is being more unpredictable than normal! So this is the perfect time to pull out full sleeve dresses with simple  silhouettes and punchy prints. I opted for a non-fuss accessories approach by wearing my simple black heeled boots, silver hoop earrings and obviously my chloé dupe bag because no simplistic outfit at the moment is complete without it! The key to bold prints is to keep everything else to a minimal to make your outfit more striking and perfect for daywear or even for the night.


This dress is made of satin which adds a luxurious element to the outfit and makes it more vibrant, so pick your textures wisely. Maybe even pick textures that are can be restyled all year round. I don’t think this is a particularly daring look but some may think so because it is full on colour and green which is not a shade you see often. But you need to use the power of makeup and accessories to either highlight your look in more detail or to make your look appear more flat and safe.

Silky dresses can always be worn with or without tights, they are often a good choice to wear with polo necks and sleeveless tops just to contrast textures and create a high fashion look.

Do you dare to go bold with your prints and colour this season?

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