Wedding of The Year Outfit

Last winter I decided that I needed to find a dress for the wedding of 2017! ( Which was this Saturday and not my wedding by the way)! So I went on a mission. An online mission obviously, to find the perfect dress.

Now I’ve been shopping for quite a few years now and I know that a wedding in March will be beautiful but it also means that all the spring lines will just be creeping in at the beginning of March and that is just far too late for me to find the perfect dress!

I started adding a selection of dresses to my ‘saved items’ on ASOS just to get a feel of what I wanted to wear. However, I secretly knew I was after a 50s prom style because it’s not every day that you get to feel like Carrie Bradshaw and look different from your usual style.


I found this blue and purple floral jacquard dress on ASOS for an absolute steal – £38 to be exact! I loved it yet worried it was perhaps a little bit dark for spring but I just couldn’t stop thinking about it so inevitably I bought it. I experienced a few disappointments with some Chi Chi London dresses as they didn’t fit my body shape properly which was such a shame as there are so many beautiful dresses on there!  I became a little bit apprehensive about whether this dress style just didn’t suit me and maybe I should think about trying a new style.

When I tried this dress on, I just knew it was the one and fell in line with my style, as I love florals, purple and jacquard clothing. It’s very classy with a v-neck cut with intricate pleats and a gold zip at the back. The dress was originally £85 and I honestly think you can tell as it’s vibrant, excellent quality that makes a statement, which is ultimately what I was after.


Everyone came dressed to impress whilst still being true to their own style which I loved! I decided to complete my look with my open toe black heels to make the outfit look feminine and I also wanted to be comfortable! I finished the look with simple silver jewellery, my Vivienne Westwood drop down earrings and a black simplistic fascinator with a few feathers… to really draw on my fictional fashion icon – yes you guessed right, Carrie Bradshaw!

Weddings are a great opportunity to look so glamorous and you really don’t need to spend a fortune to feel classy. It’s all about timing, so be patient and try a few styles to find out what you like and what suits you. Sometimes a good sale is all you need!

Do you have a signature style for when you attend weddings?

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