It’s In The Sleeves


I Love upscaled sleeves and a bit of lilac. So when I found this high neck poplin top on the Topshop website a few weeks ago, I just had to add to the cart!

It may be spring some days, but 99% of the time I’m still feeling the winter cold. So this full sleeve top with a frilly and flirty sleeve really does the trick for me. It’s loose fitting, keeps me warm and looks perfect for spring weather.


I wanted to channel a Dior look by wearing my grey Zara coat over and I  pulled the sleeves out slightly to create a contemporary look whilst drawing on Victorian fashion elements – wide sleeves. I find the bottom of this top to be a bit unshapely so I figured that this was the perfect opportunity to pull out my Gucci dupe belt. I decided to tuck most of the front in and leave the back a bit loose to create more of a shape to my style. I wore my fringed Zara jeans to make the look more casual and to allow my Primark loafers to be seen in more detail.

Yes I clashed my gold belt and loafers with silver jewellery and my chain city bag because sticking to just silver or gold accessories can be so boring sometimes!


I love that the look is quite top heavy mainly because of these wonderfully extravagant sleeves which have been ruched at the sleeves on three points which is such a simple thing to do and which creates an impact as well as the pretty lilac hue.

This pastel lilac colour is very on trend for spring and although it’s a very light shade, it gives me plenty of opportunity to highlight the top by teaming it with a light grey shade, dark denim and statement accessories. Lilac is also a colour that not many girls tend to wear, therefore if you pick clothing in this soft colour it will allow you to stand out from the crowd.


I will be wearing this with my purple floral silk skirt during summer which will help to cinch my waist in and create an artistic illusion with the sleeves and cut of the skirt. ( I’ll write a blogpost about this too when I wear it!)

During Autumn I’d like to get a gilet to wear over all these tops I have with amazing sleeve details. Don’t be apprehensive about upscaled sleeves and how they’ll be ‘out of fashion soon’ because it’s all about how you use them to make an impact during the colder seasons.

Who else is loving lilac?

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