Grown Up Pink

Pink can be a tricky colour to pull off or sometimes it can just look a tad childish. But what about wearing head to toe pink?

A few months ago I saw Valentino pulling off an all pink ensemble. At first I thought this would be a style that would only look amazing on the catwalk, you know the type of fashion that you wish you could add to your daily wardrobe, but you know it’s not realistic for your 9-5 life.


However, I recently pulled this Topshop floral tee from my wardrobe which I’ve had since I was about 20 and I still love it and now that pinks made a comeback this year I really wanted to wear it. But not just with some jeans, I wanted to really draw on the pink tones. Obviously I had to try this head to toe pink fashion and see if it really was for me.

IMG_8224  IMG_8225

I have to admit, I love it. I quite like that the colour of my Zara A-line skirt is almost identical to my Primark mules but the tee incorporates different shades of pink such as shocking pink, white and a few speckles of lilac, this makes it look a little vintage too. I feel that the cuts of both the skirt and tee are so straight and simple that it makes this bold outfit look almost effortless. Pick straighter cuts as it will make it easier for you to wear the look more often without fuss.

If this look is too bold for you, you can always take a more demure approach by wearing a blush shade. But add a darker lipstick or a brown bag to turn it into a more street style luxe and to tone the pretty aspect down. ( I’ll also be featuring my Zara blush tone dress too soon – so keep your eyes peeled to the blog!)

I think blush, pale or baby pink clothing looks really edgy and summery when teamed with red or earthy tones. Sometimes it’s as simple as wearing a bright red lipstick and keeping the rest of your outfit so simple and clean cut.


If you want a bit more pigmentation to your look then why not clash fuchsia pink with deep red. This is a look that has been trialled and tested… so girls it does work. You can again keep the rest of your look more simple and let your outfit do the talking. Or why not contrast with purple if reds not your thing.

Sugar pink is also making a comeback this year so why not add some boyish charm to the look by wearing a dark brown lipstick and black detailed accessories. Or you could keep the look really sweet and add some metallic accessories to draw more attention to the pink hue.

Pink is one of my favourite colours to wear, I personally favour blush and pale pink the most, as I love the feminine edge and colour it gives my outfit. I like the contrast that it offers against my skin, black hair and it’s a colour that works well with my different lipstick shades.

Will you be adding a bit of pink to you summer wardrobe?

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