Beauty Therapy At House Of Fraser

Two weeks ago I attended the House Of Fraser bloggers event in Nottingham. None of us knew what the day entailed but we knew that we’d all be assigned to a beauty counter on the day.

With this being a beauty event – I had a classic Indy moment and wore makeup to the event. I soon found out I would be having a Clarins facial and arm massage – after crisping under the sun for two weeks, a facial and arm massage was exactly what I needed to ease me back into reality.


The therapist used six very hydrating products on my skin and I came out of that treatment thinking that if I had that treatment every day, I wouldn’t need to wear foundation – honestly my skin felt replinished. (To be honest I wear a thin layer of foundation just so that my face has a smooth base all over and I always thinks it helps to make my eye makeup to pop more.) The beauty therapist started off by applying the anti-pollution milk, which helped to diminish any united makeup – my liquid top eyeliner is very stubborn to wipe off but this product soaked it all up. I then had a gentle refiner exfoliating cream which felt very gentle on my face, I often find that when I leave exfoliators on they tend to burn after 20 seconds but this felt like it was getting to the base of my pores without any irritation.


Next on the skin was a hydra-quench cream mask and after this was washed off, honestly the dehydrated skin around my eyes felt like a distant memory! A toning lotion and double serum treatment were applied and to my surprise they didn’t feel greasy or as if they are just sat on my skin. My favourite product had to be the blue orchid face treatment oil which smelt amazing and really provided a silky even texture for the hydra-essential moisturiser to soak into.


Usually I would leave my skin after a facial, but I still needed to explore the rest of the blogging event so the therapist kindly applied a flash beauty flash balm and hydra quench tinted moisturiser to truly brighten and tighten my face. All that was applied after was a dust of bronzer and a swirl of a light brown Clarins lipgloss in a light taupe shade. My skin usually is a little dry but this treatment made me realise how amazing and healthy it really can feel!

Clarins is a little bit on the pricey side, so I was given samples to try as I think I’ll be investing in a few of the moisturisers, the exfoliator and oil in due course.


I then headed over to the Aveda counter where a few products such as a damage remedy (for split ends),  a dry shampoo and conditioner, spray on shine and my favourite product which was the cooling oil. This  hair treatment really feel like the products where working their way to the core of the hair folicile and the oil really helped to make my hair feel lighter at the roots and like it had a bit more movement. I then had my ahi curled into beach waves which was yet a style didn’t think would suit me but I really loved it, it’s a shame I don’t have the patience to curl it myself.

I would encourage anyone to use the cooling oil as it works wonders for padding out your hair, making it feel lighter at the roots and for purifying your roots.


My skin and hair felt revitalised, what more can a girl ask for on a Saturday afternoon after two hard weeks relaxing the soul in the sun?!

I then received lots of samples from the likes of Aveda, Clarins and Urban Decay and the I won Lancome shower gel and moisturiser from the bloggers raffle.

I love these beauty focused blogging events as they open my eyes to the importance of looking after your skin and hair. They also introduce me to products which I pass by on a daily basis  but never seem to take the time out to go and try.


As a fashion blogger,  I like to make the effort with my outfits, my makeup and I love my hair to be super straight ( which doesn’t always happen).  This event has taught me to experiment more with my hair and that hydrated and healthy skin is a few products away…

What beauty and hair products do you swear by?

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