A Quick Skirt Update

I don’t think I stress the importance of shopping in your wardrobe enough. It takes a bit of patience and you’ll have to make some mental notes for the future (or just jot them in the notes section of your iPhone.)

I have to admit I often think the answer to my fashion dilemmas, means going out and buying more clothes and sometimes that’s the case but other times it’s not. I literally just need to route through my wardrobe and siv out some forgotten gems.


Take this Topshop skirt for example, I love it and wear it to work on occasions as well, but I quickly realised that black tops makes the look quite dark and autumnal. However, by simply switching the skirt up with bare legs instead of tights, a crisp v-neck white blouse from Topshop and some white loafers ( also from Topshop) takes the look to a smarter and geek-chic level which is perfect for this time of year.

IMG_9205    IMG_9204

I completed this particular look with a silver slinky chain to add a feminine line which fits perfectly within the v-neck cut and my boxy monochrome bag from ASOS with a metal trim, which makes the style look youthful and contemporary and allows the style to play with different shapes.


Most of the time, your winter wardrobe can be worn throughout summer but it requires that you just have to sample it with neutral coloured clothing or accessories.

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