Heritage check

I bought this intricate red, blue and brown checked dress from Zara last year… and I thought it was necessary to wear it again as red is making quite an impression on me recently and I find myself drawn to red detailing, clothes and accessories. 

Yes this dress is a more appropriate for autumn, however the weather has been pretty cold as of late so I decided to pull it out.

This dress is simple, a nice straight cut and it has a great statement circle tag at the top of the zip which makes the heritage check more contemporary.

This dress is an autumn staple dress however, when the weather is unpredictable I like to team this dress with black loafers, my Zara chain city bag and Vivienne Westwood paper clip earrings.

This look is classy that can be worn to work and straight into the weekend.

I’m always thinking of new ways to update my outfits to stop me from getting bored of them. I’d like to buy a mulberry coloured longline fur gilet and wear that over the dress to really draw on the zip details and a Parisian feel.

I always think that finding new ways to update my clothes helps me to fall in love with my clothes again and to save money. It’s a win-win situation really…

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