Summer Cool


The weather is SO unpredictable as of late and it is definitely getting on my nerves. Obviously it all comes down to style for me, so when the weathers unpredictable like this morning, I find myself just picking clothes for work to be comfortable in, instead of feeling all summery and cute in my summer clothes and ultimately I just don’t feel too happy about it all… You feel me?

Wearing simple and casual outfits to work made me realise that I have quite a few summer outfits that just need a little spruce and added glamour to actually enjoy them again.


I bought this outfit especially for my american trip last year, but this year I’ve made the look a bit more tamed and feminine with an edge of casualness.

As the Topshop denim skirt is an A-line style and the Topshop burnt orange coloured bardot is quite wide at the bottom, I decided to simply tuck it in so the skirt, so that the skirt and bardot get an equal amount of air time. I decided to add my Next mules in to the mix, as they signify a ‘ laid back’ style and they tame the prettiness of the look down therefore, making it a great ‘go to’ outfit when in a rush.


I added quite a detailed choker which helped to outline the bardot crochet detail along the top and make the look more street style appropriate.


If you need to update your bardot then why not invest in a denim skirt which in my opinion never will go out of style and is a staple summer item for any girls wardrobe. You can play with how you want to wear the look, either tucked in or out as both ways work really well. To complete the look I would have wore my black backpack from Topshop to give you a cool girl in the city kinda style.

What do you think to the look?

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