Pink and Pearls


On an online Zara spree last month, I came across this blush pink top with faux pearls posed as buttons, very Vivienne Westwood so it was no coincidence that it just happened to be added to my shopping cart and ended up in my wardrobe.

In the last four years I have toned down the amount of colour I wear and opted for more mature and elegant colour palettes that often include blush pink. It’s simple, feminine and can be updated with more vibrant colours such as red.


I decided to go for a more shapely style by wearing my Zara black culottes and chunky black slingback sandals from Topshop which have to be amongst the comfiest shoes I own. I opted for my Mac lipstick in shade Ruby Woo as I am just loving this lipstick at the moment and how it can brighten any outfit, especially this. I forgot to add my Zara red bag but that would have completed this particular look. However, that red bag will be useful during winter when I want to wear this top under a chunky cardigan. But I did try and curl the ends of my hair yesterday which gave my look more movement. I just wish I had the patience and time to do this to my hair regularly – I quite like the change.


This tee was only £19.99, which is a bargain for a statement top which can be restyled in a variety of ways and can be worn with pattern clothing as well. This summer has taught me the importance of a statement tee and to not overlook this simple part of an outfit.

What do you think to the look?


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