Summer in the City

Summer is drawing to an end, it’s now time to go shopping in our wardrobes to see the season off in style. I have really enjoyed recycling last years summer clothes this season and it’s helped me to save more money and enjoy the clothes I have and to think more about accessories.


This black bardot is a statement piece for summer as it’s simple to wear, comfortable and can be easily upgraded with the right jewels or hair style. I decided to pull out my denim a-line skirt which is also from Topshop, as this combo is such an effortless mature look to take on summer days both in the UK and abroad. Obviously I’ve been living in my Chloé inspired sandals and they help to give this style a more Zara touch and laid back feel.


I wanted the bardot, skirt and red bag from Zara to claim all the attention for this look so to polish the look, I decided to slick my hair back in a low pony which helps to keep all the movement flowing in the central area of the top and bag and it creates a more streamlined silhouette.


This is an affordable look which you can switch up with jumpers and coats for the winter, it’s also stylish enough to wear while galivanting on a city break ( no need to buy a new outfit!) and ideal for hiding a food baby, so what more could I want?!


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